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  • Former FDA Commissioner: Agency needs to ‘finish the job’ to curb antibiotics in livestock

    Concern about the misuse of antibiotics in livestock production has been around so long it dates back to “Jimmy Carter’s day,” states former FDA Commissioner Donald Kennedy in an op-ed today in the Washington Post, and calls the agency out for stalling on the issue for the past 36 years. “Today, the science is even Continue Reading

  • FDA ordered to follow its own orders, 35 years later

    On May 21, the Food and Drug Administration filed an appeal to overturn a decision by a federal court judge ordering the agency to take action on its own 35-year-old proposal that would ban the use of certain antibiotics in animal feed.  If the decision is upheld, FDA will be required to hold hearings to determine Continue Reading

  • FDA announces new restrictions on antibiotics for animals

    The FDA revealed new restrictions this week on the use of one type of antibiotics, cephalosporins, in food animals  in order to help reduce the risk of resistance to these drugs in humans. Cephalosporins are used to treat human illnesses such as pneumonia and several kinds of infections.  In food animals, such as cattle, swine, Continue Reading

  • Like sprinkling antibiotics on Cheerios

    Fourteen illnesses, half of which required hospitalization, have now been linked to an outbreak of Salmonella-tainted beef sold at Hannaford’s, a New England supermarket chain. The company issued a recall last week of all ground beef with a sell by date of December 17 or earlier. The strain, Salmonella typhimurium, tested resistant to several classes of Continue Reading

  • US considers BPA ban for some products; France says no more BPA, period

    The wheels are in motion at the FDA to begin review of last week’s unexpected request from the American Chemistry Council, the industry group which represents the manufacturers of the known endocrine disruptor BPA.   Their petition urges the agency to change regulations and no longer allow BPA in the manufacture of baby bottles and sippy Continue Reading

  • Chemical companies tell the FDA: “No more BPA in baby bottles”

    In an unexpected move today, chemical companies filed a request asking the FDA to change regulations that currently allow BPA to be used in the manufacture of baby bottles and sippy cups for young children. The industry says BPA hasn’t been used in the manufacture of these products in several years, and that their request Continue Reading

  • A host of victories for California consumers

    Consumers Union applauds California lawmakers and the Governor for passing into law several bills that will help protect consumers from dangerous and deceptive products, and improve ways to access affordable, quality health care in the state. As important, we applaud you for helping us get them passed! •    Protecting kids from BPA:  California is now Continue Reading

  • ‘Corn sugar’ in the crosshairs of FDA, sugar makers (and the public at large)

    The makers of high-fructose corn syrup (or ‘corn sugar’, as they’d have us call it) are scrambling around on the defense – and with good reason.   First came the attacks from the American public, who began pointing a finger at the ubiquitous sweeter as the cause of our ever-increasing waistlines, accompanied by epidemic proportions of Continue Reading

  • Death toll climbs to 8 from Listeria-tainted Colorado cantaloupes, number likely to rise

    Listeria-tainted cantaloupe from Colorado is now being blamed for 8 deaths and 55 illnesses across 14 states, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) which expects numbers to continue to rise. The outbreak is concentrated in Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico and Oklahoma, although cases of infection have been confirmed from California to Maryland.  Continue Reading

  • CA moves towards BPA ban as more damning evidence released of health effects

    California took one step closer yesterday towards a ban on BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups for children as the State Senate voted 21-19 in support of the Toxin-Free Infants and Toddlers Act. The legislation passed the Assembly earlier this year, but as amendments were made to the bill’s language in the Senate, it Continue Reading

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