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  • Uproar over organic

    A new study released this week has caused a panic over organic, with news coverage blaring headlines calling into question the health benefits of organically produced foods. The report, produced by Stanford University researchers, looked at data from 240 studies comparing organic and conventional samples of produce and meat, and concluded that there is a Continue Reading

  • Tests of Packaged Greens Reveal High Level of Bacteria; Are Organic or Loose Greens Clean?

    Consumers Union recently tested bagged leafy greens and found bacteria in many samples, in some cases at rather high levels.  A question that quickly comes to mind is whether organic salad greens, loose greens, or leafy greens from farmers’ markets, are cleaner or carry less risk of carrying pathogens like Salmonella or E. coli O157:H7.

  • Working with the Sustainable Community to Make Food Safety a Reality

    CU believes that FDA food safety reform legislation will not hamper the development of sustainable agriculture.

  • Why the Waxman Bill is Better

    This week, the San Francisco Chronicle published a front page article describing how in a quest for food safety, environmental havoc is being wreaked upon the Monterey Bay leafy green growing area. It describes how a farmer is ripping out plants because his big customers demand sterile buffers around his crops.

  • Good Grief! Could it be true? UPDATED

    The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FCLDF), a group primarily devoted to preserving the right to sell raw milk, has mounted a vociferous internet campaign to defeat HR 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act (FSEA), alleging that the bill will hurt small farms. The bill was recently received unanimous approval from the House Energy Continue Reading

  • Peticide Industry Bugging Out on Obamas

    The marketing geniuses for the pesticide industry really did not think this one through

News Articles

  • WHO: Long-cleared Roundup ingredient ‘probably’ causes cancer
    Source: PBS Newshour (Sunday March 29, 2020)
  • Five organic fruits and vegetables that are worth the higher cost
    Source: Washington Post (Friday March 20, 2020)
  • Don’t give up on organic food, our experts urge
    Source: Consumer Reports (Wednesday September 5, 2020)
  • Organic Foods No More Nutritious, Safe than Conventional, Study Says
    Source: Yahoo news (Monday September 3, 2020)
  • Bagged greens: To wash or not to wash
    Source: LA Times (Monday January 30, 2020)