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  • Something’s fishy in Washington

    This week the USDA’s National Organic Standard Board (NOSB) will vote on the standards for “organic” fish getting to carry the USDA organic label – and things smell pretty fishy.

  • Who can we count on to keep our products safe?

    The Washington Post recently published some White House insider speculation about potential new Chairman for the Consumer Product Safety Commission. (Nancy Nord has been Acting Chairman for the past X months) The front-runner, they say, is Gail Charnley, a consultant with a doctorate in toxicology from MIT. But who is she really?

  • …the whole world in her loaf

    She’s got guar gum sourced from India In her loaf She’s got gluten mix from Poland In her loaf She’s left no country untapped for honey In her loaf Sara Lee’s got the whole world in her loaf

  • Mercury & Tuna — better safe than…

    Consumers Union is reinforcing its advice that pregnant women take the precautionary measure to avoid canned tuna and young children minimize exposure. The two new reports fail to specifically address the unique risks of mercury posed to pregnant women and young children, especially with regard to tuna.

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  • Consumer Reports: Pregnant women should avoid tuna altogether
    Source: CBS News (Thursday August 21, 2020)