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Meat without Drugs

Meat without Drugs

Many dangerous strains of bacteria are now resistant to most common antibiotics. Yet we continue to saturate our environment with antibiotics to promote the growth of livestock raised in crowded and unsanitary conditions. We must preserve our antibiotics, while improving life for our animals.

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  • McDonald’s, Costco commit to sourcing chicken raised without human antibiotics

    Updated March 26, 2020 One of the world’s largest and most iconic fast food chains has made a commitment on its chicken sourcing, announcing it will no longer allow the use of antibiotics important in human medicine in the production of chicken for its US restaurants. McDonald’s says it will complete this transition within two years, by Continue Reading

  • Racy Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl commercial features new no-antibiotics burger

    Burger chain Carl’s Jr. touted the newest addition to its menu – an ‘All-Natural’ burger – with a risqué commercial during the Super Bowl.   The burger is made with beef from grass fed, free-range cattle given no antibiotics or hormones, and is the first of its kind to be offered by a major fast food chain. Continue Reading

  • Wrapping up 2014, more companies announce meat raised without antibiotics

    A flurry of end-of-year activity has made December a notable month for corporate announcements regarding meat raised without antibiotics.   Check out the companies that made headlines this month: Carl’s Jr. became the first major fast food chain to add an “All-Natural” burger to its menu, which is raised without antibiotics, hormones or steroids and is Continue Reading

  • Major U.S. school systems announce new no-antibiotics chicken policy

    Six of the largest school systems in the U.S. announced plans to serve students chicken raised without antibiotics in school cafeterias. Coordinating as the Urban School Food Alliance, the schools represent nearly 3 million students and include New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami-Dade County and Orlando County. The new policy mandates that all chicken Continue Reading

  • This Halloween: Unmask Your Meat

    There’s a dirty little secret the meat industry would rather keep you in the dark about.   While the World Health Organization, CDC and nearly every other major public health group is calling antibiotic resistance one of the scariest health crises of our time, the vast majority of antibiotics in the US – eighty percent! Continue Reading

  • 2,000 medical professionals ask Trader Joe’s: no more meat on antibiotics

    A special message was delivered today to Trader Joe’s headquarters in Monrovia, CA from 2000 medical professionals from across the country: We write with an urgent request for Trader Joe’s to be a proactive leader in the fight to preserve our antibiotics, and end the sale of meat from livestock producers that routinely and inappropriately Continue Reading

  • Success! Gov. Brown knocks down weak antibiotics bill

    by Maureen Mahoney Three cheers for California Governor Jerry Brown!   Today, we’re celebrating his veto of a bill that would have given industrial farms a green light to continue the dangerous overuse of antibiotics in livestock. For years, Consumers Union has tried to avert disaster by fighting the wasteful dosing of healthy farm animals Continue Reading

  • Petition-wielding pigs visit Trader Joe’s

    A herd of pigs walks into an office complex… Sounds like the start of a bad joke, right?   But no jokes here.  A group of pig-eared campaign supporters, led by our intrepid Joe the Pig, visited Trader Joe’s Monrovia, CA headquarters this week to deliver 92,000 more consumer signatures asking the company to stop selling Continue Reading

  • Trader Joe’s answer to 750,000 people? So far, zip

    About 750,000 people so far have asked Trader Joe’s to stop selling meat raised on antibiotics.   But how has the company responded? Take Action Now: Tell TJ’s CEO Dan Bane to stop ignoring you and commit to ending the sale of antibiotic-raised meat! The marketplace is moving against meat raised on antibiotics. Already, several national Continue Reading

  • July 4th grillers show us their no-antibiotics meat and say: Not On My Grill!

    We asked you to show us your meat — and did you ever.   Last week for July 4th, we got dozens and dozens of photos from folks who said “Not On My Grill!” and shared shots of meat raised without antibiotics they used in their holiday grilling adventures.  Lots of others folks wrote in Continue Reading

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News Articles

  • White House crafts first-ever plan to fight antibiotic resistance
    Source: The Guardian (Thursday March 26, 2020)
  • For The Love Of Pork: Antibiotic Use On Farms Skyrockets Worldwide
    Source: NPR (Friday March 20, 2020)
  • KFC faces pressure after McDonald’s says no antibiotics in chicken
    Source: Reuters (Thursday March 12, 2020)
  • Is it a good thing that McDonald’s plans to limit its use of antibiotics in chicken?
    Source: PRI’s The World (Monday March 9, 2020)
  • McDonald’s to limit antibiotics in chicken supply
    Source: CBS News (Thursday March 5, 2020)
  • Costco Wants to End Use of Human Antibiotics in Chicken
    Source: NBC News (Thursday March 5, 2020)
  • McDonald’s USA to phase out human antibiotics from chicken supply
    Source: Reuters (Wednesday March 4, 2020)
  • Should We Continue to Feed Antibiotics to Livestock?
    Source: National Geographic (Friday February 13, 2020)
  • A Bug in the System
    Source: New Yorker (Monday February 2, 2020)
  • Consumer Group Calls On McDonald’s: Help Save Antibiotics
    Source: KRWG TV/FM (NPR) (Thursday January 22, 2020)
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