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Meg Bohne

Campaign Organizer

A seasoned community activist, advocate and organizer, Meg has spent the past decade working to educate and mobilize the public on issues relating to public health and consumer protection. With Consumers Union since 2007, she has been involved in campaigns for safer prescription drugs, accessible and affordable health care, and food and product safety.


This Halloween: Unmask Your Meat

There’s a dirty little secret the meat industry would rather keep you in the dark about.   While the World Health Organization, CDC and nearly every other major public health group is calling antibiotic resistance one of the scariest health crises of our time, the vast majority of antibiotics in the US – eighty percent! Continue Reading

Report: Prescription for Change

Antibiotics Use in Humans & Animals Amidst Growing Concerns of Doctors

Doctors, Activists Call For Banning Antibiotic Use On Healthy Animals

Consumer Reports Poll Finds Doctors Concerned About Animal Antibiotic Use

9 out of 10 doctors are seriously concerned about what the meat industry’s up to

2,000 medical professionals ask Trader Joe’s: no more meat on antibiotics

A special message was delivered today to Trader Joe’s headquarters in Monrovia, CA from 2000 medical professionals from across the country: We write with an urgent request for Trader Joe’s to be a proactive leader in the fight to preserve our antibiotics, and end the sale of meat from livestock producers that routinely and inappropriately Continue Reading

Consumer Reports poll: Doctors concerned about use of antibiotics in healthy livestock

Over 2,000 medical professionals call on Trader Joe’s to stop selling meat raised on antibiotics

2,000 Medical Professionals Ask Trader Joe’s to End Sale of Meat Raised on Antibiotics

Letter delivered to Trader Joe’s headquarters on October 23, 2020

GMO Content of Selected Products

Consumer Reports tested a wide variety of processed foods with corn or soy ingredients on the label as a snapshot of the current US market. We only selected products with corn or soy on their ingredients list. We purchased and tested products that were conventional, claimed to be “Natural”, “Organic”, or made some type of Continue Reading

New Consumer Reports Study Finds GMOs in Many Common Food Products

Common products containing GMOs included breakfast cereals, chips, and infant formula, some of which carried “Natural” labels