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  • Deadlines for new toy safety rules

    Deadlines approach to implement new law on lead and phthalates in toys. Learn more!

  • Those harmed by unsafe products speak out

    Andrew Hartung came to Washington D.C. on February 7th to make sure baby products don’t hurt babies. It seems obvious – but will take major reform. So he joined several other families on the Hill to tell the press and Senators how the reforms they are now considering would keep kids safe.

  • Fisher-Price pulls second lead-tainted blood-pressure cuff off shelves in Illinois
  • Open letter to Presidential Candidates

    CU asks Presidential Candidates to publicly support real food safety and product safety reform.

  • What do you want to know about toy safety?

    Parents have a lot of questions right now about lead in toys and other products, and want to know what to do. Brett Levy over at DadTalk interviewed me and asked some great questions, so go over there and take a look. In particular, he asked me whether parents should be more concerned about old Continue Reading


    If you are left feeling a bit scared and confused shopping for children this holiday season, you are not alone. So far this year there have been tens of millions of toys recalled due to lead paint, small magnets, or toxic chemicals.

  • Shop Safe: Bloggers Unite!

    On the eve of the biggest shopping day of the year, bloggers are talking up our “12 Days of Safe Shopping”!

  • The biggest Halloween scare-lead-laden stuff

    So let’s recap. Retailers and manufacturers are taking a look at items on store shelves. That’s great. They continue to find more items with lead-laden paint, particularly those plastic buckets we buy for our kids to use Trick-or-Treating. That’s not so great.

  • Testing the lead test kits

  • How did we get here?

    Are we better off than Americans in 1936? Certainly, in most respects, we are. But the recent rash of toy recalls sent me to the archives for an old Consumer Reports story, our inaugural test of toys for lead in the paint and structural metal. This was our top finding: The fear of many mothers Continue Reading

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