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  • Whats next for rbGH Labeling in Kansas???

    After Kansas Governor’s veto of a bad labeling bill will the legislature override?

  • Kansas Governor Vetoes Milk Labeling Bill

    In a victory for local dairy farmers and consumers, Gov. Sebelius vetoes controversial bill that would have limited rbGH labeling on dairy products in the state.

  • I Pity the Fools

    Ben and Jerry’s Pull Prank on Cloning- Mr. T. gives rare chuckle. Some are not amused.

  • Dear Secretary of Agriculture

    Do you hesitate over that “grass fed beef” package, and wonder what “naturally raised” really means as you ponder the premium price? You are not alone.

  • Monsanto deals milk hormone for $300 million

    The agribusiness giant Monsanto Co. said it would sell its milk hormone Posilac (rbST, rbGH) to Eli Lilly & Co. for $300 million upfront, plus “additional contingent consideration.” The agreement will expand Lilly’s veterinary operations and enable Monsanto to focus on genetically modified crops. That same day, Lilly’s stock fell 39 cents to $47.41 while Continue Reading

  • Penn Label Ban Update

    More than 65 dairy farmers, consumer, farm and agricultural, public health, animal protection and environmental organizations, food processors and retailers today wrote to Pennsylvania Governor Edward G. Rendell to protest the recent Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) action which would prohibit state farmers from telling consumers that they aren’t using artificial hormones on their dairy Continue Reading

  • Protect Us From Choice — Please

    Last month, in an Orwellian stretch of logic and without warning or any public discussion, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) notified 19 dairies that “their labels are false or misleading and need to be changed” So, what kinds of labels were so terrible that the PDA felt they had to be removed from milk Continue Reading

  • Consumer Reports food labeling poll

    Consumer Reports food-labeling poll shows consumers want to know where their food comes from and expect higher label standards… According to the poll, 92 percent of consumers agree that imported foods should be labeled by their country of origin.

  • Colbert on Hormones

    Just for laughs check out the clip from the Colbert Report on synthetic growth hormone rGBH. FDA is proposing a similar “no labeling” required approval for food from cloned animals.

News Articles

  • Ban on Milk Labeling Ruled Unconstitutional
    Source: Food Safety News (Monday October 4, 2020)

    After more than two years of litigation, a federal court last week struck down an Ohio ban on labeling dairy products as “rbGH free,” “rbST free,” or “artificial hormone free” if produced by cows not treated with bovine growth hormone.

  • Let’s keep Monsanto out of our milk
    Source: Ashville Citizen-Times (Monday August 27, 2020)

    The recent announcement by Kroger stores to prohibit the genetically engineered growth hormone rbST (also known as rbGH) from its private label milk brand is part of a nationwide trend among dairy processors, retailers and farmers.