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Jean Halloran

Director of Food Policy Initiatives

Jean has worked on food safety and sustainability issues at in the Yonkers Office of Consumers Union for the last 25 years. She frequently speaks at conferences and to the media, who tap her expertise on subjects ranging from mercury in tuna fish to pending food safety legislation. She also works with consumer organizations globally and helped develop international standards for safety assessment of genetically engineered food at the Codex Alimentarius Commission.


Country of Origin Labels Need Your Support

Do you like knowing where your beef, chicken and fish comes from? We do. Had some New Zealand lamb that was especially tasty and want to try it again? Or perhaps you veer away from shrimp from Vietnam, knowing they allow a lot more drugs on their fish farms than we do. Country of Origin Continue Reading

Food Safety: Almost There, But Still in Peril

On November 29, the Monday after Thanksgiving, the US Senate has a chance to bring about a major improvement in the safety of the nation’s food by passing S 510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. 

What is “local” food, and why should we care?

Even though Federal lawmakers are back home now for the upcoming elections, the fight for food safety is still alive in Washington.  Currently scheduled for a Senate vote as early as November 17th, the FDA food safety bill offers a slew of new safeguards – but we are concerned about a proposed amendment that could Continue Reading

Food, Inc.’s Eric Schlosser, Consumers Union Urge Senate to Pass Food Safety Bill

Safe and sustainable: we need our food to be both, and nowhere has the case been made better than in the Academy Award-nominated documentary, Food, Inc.

Food safety: Are some farms and processors too small to fail?

The reopening of my neighborhood farmers’ market two weeks ago felt like a turn to heaven after months in supermarket purgatory.  Irregularly shaped lettuce!  Fish caught yesterday!  Milk in glass bottles!  With these fine products in mind, a recent guest editorial in the Lansing Michigan paper grabbed my attention.   “Shouldn’t Mom be allowed to sell her apple Continue Reading

Tests of Packaged Greens Reveal High Level of Bacteria; Are Organic or Loose Greens Clean?

Consumers Union recently tested bagged leafy greens and found bacteria in many samples, in some cases at rather high levels.  A question that quickly comes to mind is whether organic salad greens, loose greens, or leafy greens from farmers’ markets, are cleaner or carry less risk of carrying pathogens like Salmonella or E. coli O157:H7.

Organic Tomatoes and S.510

Jean Halloran, Director of Food Policy Initiatives at Consumers Union, writes about her recent trip to the White House garden with some fantastic food activists.

Working with the Sustainable Community to Make Food Safety a Reality

CU believes that FDA food safety reform legislation will not hamper the development of sustainable agriculture.