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  • The fight over regulations, and why it’s important to you

    by Ami Gadhia and Jean Halloran You may have heard a lot recently about Washington D.C. and its ‘regulations’ – probably not much of it good. Politicians and others have been talking about doing away with federal regulations, and the Senate is set to consider several bills that will make it a lot tougher for Continue Reading

  • Were your holiday gifts naughty or nice? Report any unsafe products.

    The decorations are down and the tree is long gone, but how are your holiday gifts and toys holding up? If you received any products that turned out to pose safety hazards, report them to Thousands of people have logged complaints of unsafe products on this website launched last year by the U.S. Consumer Continue Reading

  • “A safer generation of cribs” hit the market

    Parents have a lot of things to worry about when it comes to keeping their kids safe, but sleeping in a crib shouldn’t be one of them.   Today, new rules go into effect that should have babies and their parents resting easier. In a move hailed by consumer groups as long overdue, cribs sold in Continue Reading

  • Critical safety information finally in the hands of consumers

    If that gas barbeque grill you’re considering had a lot of safety complaints from users – specifically, that it catches fire, melts and in some cases causes burns — wouldn’t you want to know before you buy?

  • Recalled beef? There’s an app for that.

    A sign of the times: government agencies are now alerting the public of food and product recalls through their new Products Recall app for smartphones.

  • Deadlines for new toy safety rules

    Deadlines approach to implement new law on lead and phthalates in toys. Learn more!

  • What are they arguing about?

    The House and Senate versions of the product safety bill (HR 4040) are not the same, and the differences matter.

  • Those harmed by unsafe products speak out

    Andrew Hartung came to Washington D.C. on February 7th to make sure baby products don’t hurt babies. It seems obvious – but will take major reform. So he joined several other families on the Hill to tell the press and Senators how the reforms they are now considering would keep kids safe.

  • Who can we count on to keep our products safe?

    The Washington Post recently published some White House insider speculation about potential new Chairman for the Consumer Product Safety Commission. (Nancy Nord has been Acting Chairman for the past X months) The front-runner, they say, is Gail Charnley, a consultant with a doctorate in toxicology from MIT. But who is she really?

  • CPSC: 22 children died in toy-related deaths in 2006

    From the Consumer Reports Safety Blog: While toys with lead paint and tiny magnets have gotten a lot of attention this year, statistics released today by the Consumer Product Safety Commission serve as a sobering reminder that the simple and most classic of toys—balloons, tricycles, scooters and balls—are often just as hazardous.

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