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  • Less Shuffle, No Cut

    Today’s New York Times editorial (registration required) on cloning by editorial board member Verlyn Klinkenborg raises an interesting and important point about the impact of cloning on genetic diversity. Klinkenborg analogizes to shuffling cards, and notes that cloning represents an unshuffled deck — clearly not a benefit to all players. The editorial was in response Continue Reading

  • I hate eating a [c]lone

    If California State Senator Carole Midgen gets her way, California residents will have the option to chose whether they consume products derived from cloned animals.

  • Moo-tiplicity

    They say “you can’t step in the same river twice,” but you may soon be eating the same steak over and over whether you want to or not. That’s because the FDA voluntary moratorium on food products from cloned animals and their offspring could be lifted once FDA finalizes its risk assessment for cloned animals.