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  • Are you a Food Patriot? You will be soon! Join us for the online screening 2/26

    At 15, Sam Spitz was on the top of the world. He pitched varsity baseball as a freshman, sprouted three inches in the off-season. Pro scouts even came calling. Then he ate a chicken caeser salad that changed his life. Within three days Sam was doubled over and headed to the emergency room. Sickened with Continue Reading

  • Consumer Reports finds antibiotic-resistant bacteria in pork

    A new Consumer Reports study released today warns shoppers that they may be getting more than they bargain for in their packages of pork. Tests of pork chops and ground pork found widespread contamination by several different bacteria, much of which showed resistance to one or more antibiotics used in human medicine. The study points Continue Reading

  • Cargill Owned Meat Company Recalls Beef

    Cargill-owned Beef Packers, Inc. announced a recall on Friday of 22,723 pounds of ground beef products that were sent to stores in Arizona and New Mexico.

  • Chicken Report Ruffles Feathers

    Here is a round up of what people are saying about CU’s chicken testing as reported by Consumer Reports.


    USDA Must Make Chicken Less Risky to Eat; Consumers Shouldn’t Have to Play Roulette with Poultry

  • Obama Administration Working Group on Food Safety

    Working group releases report on what is needed.

  • Where’s the recalled beef?

    From the Consumer Reports Safety Blog: Four days after the nation’s largest-ever beef recall, U.S. consumers still have no way of knowing whether they ate—or might have in their freezers—some of the potentially suspect meat, food safety experts at Consumers Union said Thursday.

  • Flip that bird

    Thoroughly cooking chicken on both sides is sound safety advice in light of a new Consumer Reports study that found bacteria contamination in 83 percent of chicken sampled. This study represents a significant increase over Consumer Reports’ 2003 study which found 49 percent of chickens sampled contaminated with either Salmonella or Campylobacter bacteria.

News Articles

  • Editorial: On Turkey Day, pass the gravy but hold the bacteria
    Source: USA Today (Tuesday November 23, 2020)

    When you sit down with friends and family on Thursday for a Thanksgiving feast, you shouldn’t have to worry about uninvited guests such as E. coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter.