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Label GMOs

Label GMOs

We support labeling genetically modified food, so you can make informed choices with a conscience for both health and the environment. Labeling is also important, because it allows you to report allergic or other adverse reactions to regulators. More information at “GMOS: Demand Your Right to Know!”

News Articles

  • Gene-altered animals and food safety
    Source: Boston Globe (Monday November 10, 2020)

    Largely unnoticed due to the mayhem of the markets and the presidential race, the FDA recently proposed rules that would allow, for the first time, the marketing of foods from genetically engineered farm animals as well.

  • The FDA and Engineered Food
    Source: New York Times (Sunday October 12, 2020)

    The F.D.A. proposal has one glaring defect: there is no requirement to label food that comes from genetically engineered animals. Surveys clearly show that the vast majority of Americans want genetically engineered animals to be labeled as such.

  • Let’s keep Monsanto out of our milk
    Source: Ashville Citizen-Times (Monday August 27, 2020)

    The recent announcement by Kroger stores to prohibit the genetically engineered growth hormone rbST (also known as rbGH) from its private label milk brand is part of a nationwide trend among dairy processors, retailers and farmers.

  • EU commission ‘admitted GM food uncertainty’
    Source: Guardian Unlimited, UK (Tuesday April 18, 2020)

    The European commission has been approving genetically modified crops for human consumption while secretly warning about their impact on health and the environment, a report published today reveals.

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