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Meat without Drugs

Meat without Drugs

Many dangerous strains of bacteria are now resistant to most common antibiotics. Yet we continue to saturate our environment with antibiotics to promote the growth of livestock raised in crowded and unsanitary conditions. We must preserve our antibiotics, while improving life for our animals.

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  • Trader Joe’s employees offer misleading claims about their meat

    Ask a Trader Joe’s employee about the meat in your shopping basket, and you may or may not get an answer based on, well, facts. We’ve received reports from over 100 people who talked to Trader Joe’s managers, employees and customer service reps across the country with the request that the company stop selling meat Continue Reading

  • Trader Joe’s, we’re not feeling the love

    Trader Joe’s:  we’ve got a message for you this Valentine’s Day.  Your customers tell us they love you for a lot of reasons.  Your salsa.  Your trek mix.  Your kid-sized shopping carts.  One cat even says he loves your reusable shopping bags. But love and hate make up any relationship – and they hate that Continue Reading

  • On Chinese hog farms, antibiotic resistance is ‘diverse and abundant’

    Antibiotics in China’s livestock:  widely used and largely unmonitored.    A new study out today in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of  Sciences tested manure, compost and soil at three large-scale commercial hog farms in China (10,000+ pigs), finding not only antibiotic residues but widespread antibiotic-resistant bacteria.    In fact, bacteria tested showed resistance to every Continue Reading

  • Antibiotics use in meat production continues to go up, up up

    New data out this week from the FDA points to an ever-increasing amount of antibiotics sold in the US for livestock, now up to 29.9 million pounds annually.   Antibiotics for humans, however, continued to stay constant at about 7.7 million pounds. A great infographic by Pew Charitable Trusts includes this chart of livestock vs. human Continue Reading

  • Pork under fire? We agree.

    Consumers Union has the pork industry “on the spit” according to meat industry mag Meatingplace, which cites Consumer Reports’ recent expose on pork products that harbored bacteria, many of which proved resistant to one or more types of antibiotics. The article, titled “Pork Under Fire,” says that between Consumers Union pointing to the problems with Continue Reading

  • Why Trader Joe’s? Why now?

    Consumers Union has taken a stand against the overuse of antibiotics in livestock production for decades – about 40 years, in fact.  In that time however, we’ve seen little action by regulatory agencies or lawmakers to curb this practice that is increasingly contributing to the problem of antibiotic resistance. In light of that, Consumers Union Continue Reading

  • Get your resolution on: say no to meat on drugs

    Making resolutions for 2013?  How about one that’s good for you, good for public health, and easy to keep past January?    This year say, “No more!” to meat raised with antibiotics. You can do it!   As Consumer Reports found in a study released last year, meat raised without antibiotics is now available at most grocery Continue Reading

  • Delivering our holiday wish to Trader Joe’s, Christmas carol style

    The tune was Jingle Bells, but the lyrics weren’t quite the same: Trader Joe’s, Trader Joe’s We want meat without drugs Antibiotics on the farm Lead to superbu—uugs! Trader Joe’s, Trader Joe’s Come on – see the light Take a stand for human health Its time to do what’s right Christmas carolers joined Meat Without Continue Reading

  • Pork Production Must Address Safety Issues

    by Jean Halloran, Director, Food Policy Initiatives, Consumers Union Consumers Union thinks government regulators and pork producers need to take some additional steps to insure the safety of pork. Last month, Consumer Reports released a major new study on the safety of pork that found that 69 precent of the pork chops and ground pork tested contained Yersinia Continue Reading

  • Consumer Reports finds antibiotic-resistant bacteria in pork

    A new Consumer Reports study released today warns shoppers that they may be getting more than they bargain for in their packages of pork. Tests of pork chops and ground pork found widespread contamination by several different bacteria, much of which showed resistance to one or more antibiotics used in human medicine. The study points Continue Reading

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