The Yes on Measure 92 ends campaign efforts today, neither discouraged nor defeated in this growing movement to label genetically engineered foods.

Oregonians, you stood up for what you believed in – the right to know what you’re eating – and stood up to the deep pockets and half-truths of the chemical and manufactured food industries that want to keep you in the dark.

Even though Measure 92, which would have labeled genetically engineered food, lost by the narrowest of margins, Oregon residents showed the rest of the nation what consumer power means.

It came down to a difference of just 837 votes. That is the closest GMO labeling vote so far in the nation, and surely has Monsanto, Dupont and the food industries re-thinking the $20 million they dumped into the state in hopes of showing the rest of the nation just how much Oregonians don’t want labeling.


The reality is, this vote showed consumers DO want the right to know, and that we are truly gaining momentum in this epic fight. 

As you read this, citizens in dozens of other states are taking your lead, drafting labeling bills for their state legislatures and learning from your grassroots campaign tactics.

Vermont is headed to the courts to take on the chemical and food industries for its right to label GMO foods.

And advocates for GMO labeling remain in Congress, determined to continue the fight at the national level.

A huge thank you for all of your support and help getting the word out via sending emails to family and friends, attending campaign events and informational talks, putting up yard signs, calling voters and much more.

All of us at Consumers Union look forward to the day when each of you can make your own decision about the food you want to buy and eat – rather than having it made for you by the chemical industry.