About 750,000 people so far have asked Trader Joe’s to stop selling meat raised on antibiotics.   But how has the company responded?

Take Action Now: Tell TJ’s CEO Dan Bane to stop ignoring you and commit to ending the sale of antibiotic-raised meat!

The marketplace is moving against meat raised on antibiotics. Already, several national retailers – Whole Foods, Chipotle, Panera – have refused to sell or use it. But not Trader Joe’s, despite all these requests!

It’s vital we get antbiotics out of our food animals. By constantly feeding animals drugs so they can survive in cramped, filthy feedlots, the more deadly bacteria become.  Bacteria learn to resist antibiotics, putting you and your family at greater risk from unstoppable infections.

Since government has yet to take significant action to reduce drug use in livestock, we’re putting pressure where we can have the most impact – your neighborhood supermarket!

Take Action: Tell Trader Joe’s CEO to listen to his customers, and be a leader in the fight to save our antibiotics!