Four major industry trade groups (the Grocery Manufacturers Associationthe Snack Food Association, the International Dairy Foods Association and the National Association of Manufacturers) have filed suit against the state of Vermont calling the GMO law, Act 120, a violation of their first amendment rights. The Vermont law would go into effect in July of 2016 and would require foods containing GMO’s to be labelled.

Right now, Vermont is gearing up for a big fight against some deep pockets:

Attorney General William Sorrell noted Thursday he had advised lawmakers as they deliberated that the law would invite a lawsuit from those affected “and it would be a heck of a fight, but we would zealously defend the law.”

The lawsuit is intended to limit and intimidate other states considering GMO labeling laws. We think that Vermont and the 92% of Americans that want labeling laws are on the right side of this issue and the constitution. The Vermont Law School’s Environmental& Natural Resources Law Clinic drafted a memo outlining the constitutionality of the Vermont law:

“We have researched and analyzed challenges that may be raised in opposition to such legislation, and have concluded that Vermont can pass GE labeling legislation that will meet all constitutional requirements.”