By Caitlin Watkins

The controversy over Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in our food is making mainstream news yet again this week.  Food companies are choosing to opt-out of GMO ingredients in the manufacturing and selling of their food products due to consumer demand.  The following companies made headlines this week:

Smart Balance rejects GMOs

Smart Balance, a producer of heart healthy buttery spreads, decided to purge GMO oils from their brand’s products. They are making this transition to not only ensure ultimate transparency but to tap into the number of consumers who would prefer to purchase more natural foods.

Safeway and Kroger refuse to sell GMO Salmon

Two of the largest American grocery retailers, Safeway and Kroger, announced that they are choosing to steer clear of genetically engineered salmon. Currently, the FDA is investigating GE salmon, which has not yet been approved to be sold in the United States. They are joining a host of other food retailers that will not be sourcing genetically engineered fish if it is approved by the FDA due to negative consumer perception of the GE fish.

GMO Inside campaign targets Starbucks

GMO Inside, a coalition-based effort working toward a non-GMO food supply, launched a new marketplace campaign on March 4th to push Starbucks into only serving organic milk from cows that have not been administered GMO feed. A victory in this campaign would accomplish a great deal because Starbucks, the most popular global coffee retailer and chain, has a wide and dedicated customer base. Starbucks has already committed to using milk raised without the growth hormone rBGH and soymilk that is non-GMO and organic.

How do you feel about companies taking the initiative to sell only non-GMO foods? Share your thoughts below.