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Label GMOs

Label GMOs

We support labeling genetically modified food, so you can make informed choices with a conscience for both health and the environment. Labeling is also important, because it allows you to report allergic or other adverse reactions to regulators. More information at “GMOS: Demand Your Right to Know!”

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  • Good Grief! Could it be true? UPDATED

    The Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FCLDF), a group primarily devoted to preserving the right to sell raw milk, has mounted a vociferous internet campaign to defeat HR 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act (FSEA), alleging that the bill will hurt small farms. The bill was recently received unanimous approval from the House Energy Continue Reading

  • Whats next for rbGH Labeling in Kansas???

    After Kansas Governor’s veto of a bad labeling bill will the legislature override?

  • Kansas Governor Vetoes Milk Labeling Bill

    In a victory for local dairy farmers and consumers, Gov. Sebelius vetoes controversial bill that would have limited rbGH labeling on dairy products in the state.

  • Monsanto deals milk hormone for $300 million

    The agribusiness giant Monsanto Co. said it would sell its milk hormone Posilac (rbST, rbGH) to Eli Lilly & Co. for $300 million upfront, plus “additional contingent consideration.” The agreement will expand Lilly’s veterinary operations and enable Monsanto to focus on genetically modified crops. That same day, Lilly’s stock fell 39 cents to $47.41 while Continue Reading

  • Less Shuffle, No Cut

    Today’s New York Times editorial (registration required) on cloning by editorial board member Verlyn Klinkenborg raises an interesting and important point about the impact of cloning on genetic diversity. Klinkenborg analogizes to shuffling cards, and notes that cloning represents an unshuffled deck — clearly not a benefit to all players. The editorial was in response Continue Reading

  • Protect Us From Choice — Please

    Last month, in an Orwellian stretch of logic and without warning or any public discussion, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) notified 19 dairies that “their labels are false or misleading and need to be changed” So, what kinds of labels were so terrible that the PDA felt they had to be removed from milk Continue Reading

  • With a little less help from my friends

    One would think that the federal government would welcome any competent help to assure the safety of the nation’s food supply, but no…..

  • Moo-tiplicity

    They say “you can’t step in the same river twice,” but you may soon be eating the same steak over and over whether you want to or not. That’s because the FDA voluntary moratorium on food products from cloned animals and their offspring could be lifted once FDA finalizes its risk assessment for cloned animals.

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