To help combat the declining effectiveness of antibiotics, Consumers Union is launching the Meat Without Drugs campaign calling on grocery stores, starting with Trader Joe’s, to sell only meat raised without antibiotics.

A staggering 80% of all antibiotics used in our country are given to livestock to help them grow faster and prevent them from getting sick, due to living conditions that are often crowded and unsanitary.   Overuse of antibiotics in animals can lead to the creation of “superbugs” that no longer respond to the drugs.  Consumers can be exposed in a number of ways, including when handling and eating raw or undercooked meat.

Supermarkets and consumers can play a critical role in fighting the rise of these dangerous superbugs.  The average American eats about 200 pounds of meat and poultry a year, so if consumers demand – and supermarkets only sell – meat raised without antibiotics, the use of these drugs in livestock production would drop drastically.

Trader Joe’s is a national retailer with a history of taking important positions against selling products that may harm public health and the environment.  One of the most important public health issues the nation faces today is the declining effectiveness of antibiotics in treating human disease.

We’re calling on Trader Joe’s to make a commitment to its customers to only sell meat raised without antibiotics in order to preserve the effectiveness of these critical drugs for human use.

Check out this one-minute video on the issue produced by Robert Kenner, Director of Food, Inc.   Then take action and join our fight to urge supermarkets across the country to stop selling meat with antibiotics.