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Bisphenol A (BPA)

Bisphenol A (BPA)

Bisphenol A is a toxin found in cans, sports bottles, food-storage containers and baby bottles. Hundreds of studies have linked BPA to health problems including breast and prostate cancer, early puberty, and developmental issues in fetuses and babies.

Blog Posts

  • CU rebuts industry’s BPA “facts”

    The battle to ban BPA, a chemical used in baby bottles, canned food liners and many other products, continues in several states.  Hundreds of studies point to adverse effects of BPA on human health, from lowered sperm counts in factory workers where BPA is used, to increased diabetes rates in people with elevated BPA levels.   Continue Reading

  • Support for Banning BPA is growing across the Nation

    BPA is making headlines; a study just published in Environmental Health Perspectives suggested that people can reduce their BPA exposure simply by eating fresh food. According to the study, people eating unpackaged fresh food had a 60% decrease in their BPA levels. The study shows that by switching to fresh food, not only would you Continue Reading

  • The Maine Event

    Last Friday, the joint Committee on Environment and Natural Resources of the Maine State Legislature voted unanimously to endorse a bill banning bisphenol A or BPA in children’s products. Consumers in Maine are one step closer to having safe children’s products on store shelves. This bill still has a long road ahead- it still has Continue Reading

  • Iowa Inches Closer to BPA Ban

    On Wednesday, the Iowa Senate passed a bill banning bisphenol A or (BPA) in some children’s products. Concerns over BPA have been steadily mounting due to numerous studies linking BPA to a wide range of adverse health effects. Eight states, Canada and the European Union have already banned BPA in certain children’s products. The Iowa Continue Reading

  • BPA: More than just a border separates the US and Canada

    The Canadian Medical Association Journal recently released an alarming study highlighting the prevalence of BPA in the American body. Comparing data from a host of countries including Germany, Japan, Korea, China, the Netherlands, the United States and Canada; the levels of BPA found in the US were the highest among every age group including young children Continue Reading

  • Maine and BPA: Of beards and breasts

    The Bangor Daily News today quoted Maine Governor Paul LePage as unconcerned about residues of the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) in food containers because  “The only thing that I’ve heard is if you take a plastic bottle and put it in the microwave and you heat it up, it gives off a chemical similar to estrogen. So the Continue Reading

  • BPA – what could it do once it’s inside us?

    How does a chemical like Bisphenol A end up in our food and drink, and what could it do once it gets in there – or into us?

  • States moving forward on BPA bans

    In lieu of any federal action on BPA, many states are stepping in to protect consumers – and in particular, children – from this hormone disrupting chemical that’s still prevalent in products that line store shelves.  

  • Eden Foods is kicking the can

    Great news for pizza and pasta lovers: due to concerns about BPA in liners of food cans, Eden Foods will now use amber glass to package the company’s organic tomatoes and tomato sauces. BPA, commonly found in the lining of food cans, is a chemical that has been linked to developmental and reproductive problems. 

  • New study finds ‘soup of chemicals’ in pregnant women

    This week the journal of Environmental Health Perspectives released the results of an alarming study on the chemicals found in pregnant women, and BPA was in evidence.

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News Articles

  • No more games – it’s time to ban BPA
    Source: San Francisco Chronicle (Friday September 2, 2020)
  • BPA ban passes California state Senate
    Source: Los Angeles Times (Tuesday August 30, 2020)
  • A BPA-free county?
    Source: Portland Tribune (Thursday August 25, 2020)

    Oregon BPA bill fails, but at least one county looks at passing its own ban.

  • MU researchers find more evidence against bisphenol A
    Source: Missourian (Monday June 13, 2020)

    MU scientists warn that there is likely more bisphenol A circulating in the human bloodstream than previously believed.

  • China to ban Bisphenol A in infant feeding bottles
    Source: Xinhua News (Monday May 30, 2020)
  • Cans bring BPA to dinner, FDA confirms
    Source: Science News (Wednesday May 25, 2020)

    New research by the FDA confirms varying amounts of BPA in 90% of canned goods sampled.

  • CA State Assembly okays BPA ban for baby bottles
    Source: San Francisco Chronicle (Tuesday May 24, 2020)

    Now on to the Senate!

  • Kroger joins effort to block use of BPA
    Source: Columbus Dispatch (Wednesday May 11, 2020)

    Kroger announces its plans to rid BPA from its store brand canned foods and purchase BPA-free paper for its store receipts.

  • BPA poses serious health risk to children
    Source: Baltimore Sun (Friday May 6, 2020)

    CU’s letter to the editor published in response to an op-ed touting the benefits of BPA

  • Industry Giants Move to Curtail Use of BPA
    Source: Food Industry Today (Wednesday November 3, 2020)

    Health officials from many nations continue to reach consensus about the safety of BPA in food packaging, but the food industry already seems to have come up with its verdict: ditch it.

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