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Bisphenol A (BPA)

Bisphenol A (BPA)

Bisphenol A is a toxin found in cans, sports bottles, food-storage containers and baby bottles. Hundreds of studies have linked BPA to health problems including breast and prostate cancer, early puberty, and developmental issues in fetuses and babies.

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  • Tips for Kicking the Can

    With hot evenings spent grilling in the backyard, you may just be thinking about a cold three-bean salad to compliment your outdoor meal.  Or some tuna salad for lunch. There are some pretty common pantry staples that you may find yourself having to avoid if you’re Kicking the Can this week.   Here are a few Continue Reading

  • Want to avoid BPA? Kick the Can.

    Thousands of you recently helped us pass state laws to get the chemical bisphenol A out of baby bottles and sippy cups. And we’ll keep working at the state and national level to make sure every infant and toddler in the nation is protected from this harmful chemical. But it’s not just children who are Continue Reading

  • AMA comes out against BPA

    At its annual meeting this week, the American Medical Association adopted a position against the use of BPA in children’s products such as baby bottles and sippy cups, and supports a ban on the sale of such items.   The new policy “recogniz[es] BPA as an endocrine-disrupting agent and urg[es] that BPA-containing products with the Continue Reading

  • BPA bans go into effect today in Europe, China

    Stores in European countries will be clearing shelves today as a ban goes into effect on the sale of baby bottles containing the chemical BPA. A similar ban recently announced by China’s Ministry of Health set June 1 as the start of a moratorium on manufacturing baby bottles containing BPA.  China’s ban on selling or Continue Reading

  • Down to the wire: will Oregon ban BPA today?

    Oregon parents, health experts, businesses, child care workers, and consumers are pushing for a bill to remove Bisphenol-A (BPA)-leaching baby bottles and sippy cups from Oregon’s store shelves.  But if the chemical industry has its way, half-truths will doom this business-savvy public health bill. Senate Bill 695 passed the Oregon Senate in April with a bipartisan majority Continue Reading

  • BPA update: CA moves forward, OR stalls

    It’s good news/bad news this week for state bans on BPA in kids’ products. 2011 marks the second year in a row that the Oregon legislature failed to finalize a bill, which stalled this week when an Oregon House of Representatives committee neglected to move on it by Monday’s deadline.  The bill, which already passed Continue Reading

  • CA votes on BPA ban today

    The California State Assembly will vote today on a bill to protect our most vulnerable residents–babies and toddlers–from Bisphenol-A (BPA), a harmful chemical in their food and drink containers.

  • Who says BPA is safe? Better follow the money.

    In Maryland, a bill to ban BPA in infant formula and baby food containers awaits signature on the governor’s desk.    When a group called the Competitive Enterprise Institute ran an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun this week claiming that banning BPA was more dangerous than the chemical itself, we had to step in to set Continue Reading

  • Not ‘if’ but ‘when’: getting BPA out of canned goods

    BPA’s days in food and beverage packaging are numbered, according to an opinion piece over at which cites two recent events as indicators of the direction the market is headed.

  • BPA Ban in Maine

    Maine has become the latest state to impose a ban on the harmful chemical BPA.  Both the Maine House of Representatives and Maine Senate voted to approve a prohibition on the sale of certain children’s products that contain BPA, which was developed under Maine’s Kid-Safe Products Act. Governor LePage had until April 22 to veto Continue Reading

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